Celebrate Restoration is a Christ-Centered 12 step recovery program designed to help you overcome addiction to sin, past hurts and substances. The Bible says "all have sinned..." and we are all recovering from our own series of hurts, habits and hang-ups. Some folks have walked through adictions to substances, pornagraphy, battled depression, self-harm etc. Celebrate Restoration is your place of freedom and victory! We have a safe place waiting for you to share your story while learning how God is the only way to truly find healing. 

We are currently hosting the mens group Celebrate Restoration on Thursday evenings at 6 pm. in our downtown space (1217 Meridian St. Anderson)

We are ACTIVELY designing a womens recovery space, so please check back soon for that information! 

Celebrate Restoration uses the Celebrate Recovery materials and format including large and small groups as well as the opportunity to dive deeper into the journey to healing through a 12-step intensive biblical recovery program. We are unashamed to focus on the belief that true healing can ONLY be find in submitting our lives to Christ Jesus our "higher power" anything less is simply a changing of behaviors and switching one addiction for another more 'socially acceptable' one.