Welcome to Restoration Church
A Safe Place to Be Real

At Restoration Church we do things a little differently than most churches... Our primary gathering is not on a Sunday Morning wearing our best, instead we get together around the dinner table! We share a meal as FAMILIES with the people we love (including you!). Why? because church is not about looking our best and pretending we have it all together with the same generic answers to 'how are you doing?' We are A Safe Place for you to Be Real, and REALLY share how you're struggling with this season of life. We do have a more "normal" looking gathering the 1st Sunday of each month when we sing more "church" songs and look sort of like a church.  

  • What is it like? - We eat! (Mostly)
  • What about my kids? - They eat WITH you (we do have activity packs at the tables) 
  • Where do I park? - It's open/street parking or in the lot on the corner 
  • What do I wear? - Clothes (please!!!) honestly anything you want! 
  • How can I get connected? - Come to Dinner and that will be the biggest step!